Browlift How-To

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Our request to you

Read the instructions carefully and watch our video!

For a successful application, we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions and steps in the video. To avoid possible mistakes and to make sure your application works smoothly, please check out our FAQ section below. For first-time users, we recommend that you follow the video tutorial.

Step 1

Clean it

Clean eyebrows thoroughly with the cleanser. Also work against the direction of hair growth to clean the skin under the eyebrows.

Step 2

Fix it

Apply the Browlift Glue to the eyebrows and shape the eyebrows to the desired shape using the comb.Make sure all hairs lie flat and correct with the comb if desired.

Step 3

Browlift Lotion 1

Carefully apply Browlift Lotion 1 to the brow hairs with the applicator. If possible, so that the lotion only comes into contact with the hairs and not with the skin.

Step 4

Let it set

Cover the eyebrows with cling film to allow the lotion to absorb.

Step 5

Wait a few minutes

After 8 minutes, thoroughly and carefully remove the Step 1 Browlift Lotion from the brows with a DRY cotton pad WITHOUT removing the Browlift Glue. If necessary, reapply the Browlift Glue to fix the brows in the desired shape.

Step 6


Repeat the application process with Step 2 Browlift Lotion using a NEW application brush. After 8 minutes, remove Step 2 Browlift Lotion with a dry cotton pad.clean eyebrows with a damp cotton pad and remove fleeky Browlift Glue.comb out residual glue with an eyelash brush.

Browlift Kit

Browlift Kit




What exactly is a browlift?

The Browlift is a new method of bringing eyebrow hairs into the perfect shape in just a few steps. Eyebrows look fuller and more voluminous with this method. The Browlift, or eyebrow lamination, makes it easier to style the brows. It smoothes the eyebrow hairs, so they can be combed into any desired shape. This also applies to unruly eyebrows. Browlifting does not make the hairs stand rigidly upwards, but makes it easier to style the eyebrows. You can put the eyebrows the way you like after the application.

What is done during a brow lift?

There are two sachets with different lotions to lift the eyebrows. In the first phase (lotion 1), the keratin structure of the hair is broken, the hairs are made stretchy and malleable. In the second phase (lotion 2), the eyebrow hairs are treated with volumizing preparations and fixed in the desired shape. This makes the eyebrows look fuller and denser for 6-8 weeks and they can be styled as desired.

Before the Browlifting you can clean your brows best with our Cleanser. The cleansing is gentle. You prepare your brows optimally for the browlifting.

For whom is a brow lift suitable?

A Browlifting is suitable for every hair type. With the Brow Lifting, unwanted gaps can be filled, thin eyebrows can be made more voluminous, and stubborn eyebrows can be made more malleable.

  • Thin eyebrows: By applying the hairs and making them malleable, you can conjure up full and natural eyebrows in minutes.
  • Patchy eyebrows: You can fill in unwanted gaps through browlifting and make your eyebrows look more voluminous and dense.
  • Already full eyebrows: Browlifting saves you from using additional cosmetic products to set your eyebrows and give them a more beautiful shape. Especially for a bushier brow look, the lift is perfect.
How long does a browlift application last?

A brow lift application usually takes up to 20 minutes. It depends on how experienced you are. In return, you will have fuller and denser eyebrows for several weeks afterwards, just like from a salon professional. If you are using the treatment for the first time, you will probably need a few minutes longer, so that all steps run smoothly and the desired result is achieved.

Is it difficult to apply?

The application of our brow lift is not difficult, but it takes a little more time if you are not practiced. If you follow all the steps of the instructions and avoid possible mistakes, we guarantee that anyone, natural or not, can apply the browlifting without any problems.

How long does a browlift last?

The result of a browlift application lasts 6-8 weeks. However, it also depends on how fast your eyebrows grow and how flawlessly the application was performed. The effect wears off over time, depending on the hair growth. Very natural, slow and healthy eyebrow hairs return to their original shape. If the application is done correctly, your browlifting result will last for at least 6 weeks.

How often can you repeat a brow lift?

Brow Lamination is gentle on your hairs and can therefore be repeated at any time. Ideally, as soon as the effect has worn off, i.e. 6-8 weeks later. However, you should refrain from doing it if your last lift has not yet grown out, in order to give your eyebrows a little rest. If your application didn't work, you can try a second time immediately afterwards without harming the hair.

If you want to try something different after your brow lift, you can also use our Brow Tint Kit or our Browhenna Kit. To match, you can style your lashes and take them to the next level with our Lashlift Kit.

Is a browlift bad for the eyebrows?

A browlift will not harm your eyebrows or their growth. Our lotions are dermatologically tested, have been developed by cosmetic experts and are checked at regular intervals

I have not used up the sachets, can I reuse them at a later time?

The sachets must be used up within 24 hours, as we cannot guarantee the effect afterwards. We do not use resealable packaging, as it is also very important to take care of the correct storage in order for the lotions to keep their effectiveness.

Is a browlift waterproof?

Browlifting is waterproof and does not lose its effect after showering or washing your face. However, you should refrain from contact between eyes and water for 24 hours after application so that the lift lasts as long as possible. You can use your make-up as usual.

What is the perfect care after the brow lift?

Avoid water contact with the eye for 24 hours after the lifting application and also refrain from using creams or other oils. After that, you can do your normal skincare routine. If you feel that your eyebrows look brittle, use an additional care product or even a normal hair conditioner.

Can I use the Browlift in parallel with a growth serum?

Of course, it is even advantageous! With the serum, you can get the maximum out of your hairs, because your own hairs will additionally lengthen and thicken naturally.

Can I use the Brow Lifting during pregnancy?

The application of our Brow Lifting is not harmful and can be performed during pregnancy without any problems. However, we strongly recommend, whether pregnant or not, to perform an allergy test before application to rule out triggering an allergic reaction.

What is the best way to perform an allergy test?

To avoid an allergic reaction during or after your Brow Lift, apply a little of both lotions to the crook of your arm. Here you can wait up to 24 hours to see if you might develop an allergic reaction. If you have a positive reaction, you will probably notice it after a shorter period of time.

If you have a positive reaction to our Brow Lifting Kit, you can try our Brow Gel to achieve the desired lifting effect for your eyebrows. Style your brows with our waterproof and smudge-proof gel and achieve beautiful results.

FAQ Application - Good to know before use

What is the best way to clean eyebrows before lifting?

You should clean your eyebrows and also your surrounding skin areas before application. For this, you can use our Cleanser or also another cleansing product of your choice to completely degrease the eyes.

How thick should I apply the adhesive?

The adhesive should cover your skin under the hairs so that the lotion optimally only comes into contact with the hairs. Therefore, apply a thin layer.

How do I fix the eyebrows with the glue to achieve the best effect?

It is important for the lifting that the eyebrows are fixed in the correct shape beforehand. We recommend that you coat your eyebrows with a little glue and then pull them up at a 45 degree angle. It is important that the hairs lie smoothly on the skin and that there are no gaps. If individual hairs come off again, you can add a bit of glue again. Separate the eyebrows with the brush and the Y-tool so that they do not lie crosswise on the skin.

Where exactly should I place the lotions to create the desired lifting effect?

The brow lifting lotion should completely cover the eyebrows and no hairs should be left out so that all hairs are lifted as well. For this, you can also use up the entire contents of your sachets if necessary.

How much lotion should I apply to make the brow lift work?

You should use enough lotion so that all hairs are covered and the white color of the lotion and the consistency can be seen.

What is the optimal application time of the lotions?

The exposure time depends on the structure of your hair. If you have rather thin and fine hairs, we recommend an exposure time of 6 minutes. If your hair is more stubborn and thick, you can set your timer to 8 minutes. Do not leave the lotion on for longer.

Why should I place cling film on my eyebrows during the Brow Lifts application time?

To make your Brow Liffting perfect, you should always place a piece of cling film on the lotions. This has the advantage that the heat accumulation under the foil speeds up the process.

How do I remove the lotions without the glue coming off?

Take a cotton swab or a cotton pad and remove the lotion by rolling the cotton swab or by lightly stroking the cotton pad. You should always stroke the lotion upwards and not downwards. Also make sure that the lotion is completely removed. If a few eyebrows have come loose under the light pressure, fix them again with the adhesive.

Why do I need to use two different application sticks for the two different lotions?

Our two browlifting lotions have different modes of action, so it is important to use a separate applicator stick for each lotion, otherwise the lotions may lose their effectiveness.

How do I remove the adhesive after application?

After your Browlift application, you can take a cotton pad and moisten it. Then stroke your eyebrows until the glue comes off. You can also remove residue with the eyebrow brush. Please make sure that you remove all residues completely.

How long do I have to wait with my second Browlift application if I did something wrong with the first one?

If your result didn't turn out the way you wanted, we would recommend that you go through each step again beforehand and pay attention to our tips and tricks to ensure that your second application is successful. You can do this directly after the first application without damaging your eyebrows.

Should I color my eyebrows before or after the Browlift application?

Eyebrows should be colored after the Browlift application, otherwise the lotions will remove the color from the eyebrows. Remember to remove all adhesive residue before tinting. You can use our Tint Kit eyebrow color for this purpose. Any color for eyebrows should be applied only after the browlift. The same principle basically applies to tinting eyelashes.

What should I avoid after my browlift?

Avoid water contact with the eye for 24 hours after the browlift and also avoid creams or other oils.

Product Questions - Common application mistakes & how to avoid them.

My eyebrows feel very dry and brittle after application, what can I do?

It's best to give your eyebrows daily care. It is best to use conditioner (only 24 hours after application) and leave it on. Some hair needs more care, as well as after a normal hair coloring or treatment.

The eyebrows do not stay up after application, but keep sliding down?

Apparently something went wrong with your application. Did you fix the brows optimally with the glue and also observe the application times? Remember, especially stubborn eyebrows need more application time than thin hairs. You should also apply enough lotion and always use two different application sticks so that the lotions work. The eyebrows do not automatically stay in the desired position after the browlift. You have to comb them into position first.

Why did my result only last a few days?

This can be due to several factors. The lotions must not touch each other in order to achieve the desired effect. That's why you should always use two different application sticks. Too short application times can also negatively influence the result. Also make sure that the eyebrows are fixed at the correct angle (45 degrees) upwards with the adhesive.

My eyebrows curl after application, what can I do?

You probably left the lotion on too long or didn't fix the hairs smoothly enough on the skin. But this is not a problem! You can simply repeat the application again and please pull the eyebrows upwards with the glue very smoothly. The lotions should not be left on for more than 4 minutes the second time. This way you can straighten your hairs again.

My skin reacts irritated to the application, why?

Basically, we recommend that you perform a patch test before application. Apply a little lotion to the crook of your arm and leave it on for up to 24 hours. If your skin reacts irritated, you will probably recognize this after a few minutes. It is important to apply the adhesive in such a way that as little lotion as possible comes into contact with the skin. If you are a very sensitive skin type, we strongly advise you to test before use!