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With the Brow Henna Kit you have the opportunity to give your eyebrows a naturally defined and expressive look. The henna color powder with natural ingredients gently color your eyebrows and the skin underneath. Due to the unique formula, you can adapt the color intensity and strength to achieve the perfect color for your eyebrows. Your result lasts up to 4 weeks.

Self -chosen eyebrow shape
Self -chosen eyebrow shape
Natural ingredients
Natural ingredients
Color hair and skin
Color hair and skin
Vegan & animal test -free
Vegan & animal test -free
Free shipping from 40€
Free shipping from 40€
30 days satisfied guarantee
30 days satisfied guarantee

Our tips

Care and strengthening the eyebrows

Durch die regelmäßige Anwendung von nährstoffreichen Seren oder Ölen kannst du die Haarfollikel stärken und das Wachstum fördern. Diese Pflegeprodukte spenden Feuchtigkeit, verbessern die Struktur der Haare und minimieren möglicherweise Haarausfall. Ein sanftes Bürsten deiner Augenbrauen hilft, die Durchblutung zu fördern und die natürliche Form zu erhalten. Kombiniere diese Pflege mit unserem Browhenna, um ein insgesamt gesünderes und volleres Erscheinungsbild deiner Augenbrauen zu erzielen.

The perfect color result

Adaptation of color stoves

Unsere Browhenna Farbe bietet eine anpassbare Farbintensität, um deinen individuellen Stil und Look perfekt zu ergänzen. Durch die Möglichkeit, die Einwirkzeit der Browhenna Farbe zu variieren kannst du deine Augenbrauen an verschiedene Anlässe anzupassen und den perfekten Farbton zu erzielen, der zu deinem Haar und Hautton passt. Die anpassbare Farbintensität bietet dir die kreative Freiheit, deinen Augenbrauen den gewünschten Look zu verleihen.

5 different tones

Make your color selection

Die richtige Farbauswahl beim Brow Henna Kit ist entscheidend, um natürliche und ausdrucksstarke Augenbrauen zu erzielen. Wähle einen Farbton, der deiner natürlichen Haarfarbe und deinem Hautton schmeichelt. Ein hellerer Farbton verleiht subtile Betonung, während ein dunklerer Ton für intensivere Definition sorgt. Die passende Farbauswahl bringt Ihre Augenbrauen perfekt zur Geltung und verleiht deinem Look das gewisse Etwas. Wenn du deine Brows das erste mal färbst, kannst du auch zunächst eine kürzere Einwirkzeit ansetzen, damit du schaust, wie deine Haare die Farbe annehmen.

Browhenna Kit - How-To

Very simple with our Browhenna

Step 1

Clean it

Apply the cleanser to the eyebrow area with a cotton swab, spread well and massage in.

Step 2

Mix it, baby

Pour hot water with the pipette to approx. 0.25 g Browhenna color powder into a small bowl. Use the measuring spoon provided to remove the powder. Remove the color powder with the measuring spoon and add it to the hot water. Mix with the help of the color brush until all the color beads have dissolved in the water. The henna paste should have a liquid to slightly creamy consistency.

Step 3

Henna to the brows

Apply the mixed Browhenna color with the color brush in the shape of the eyebrows and form exact contours. Make corrections with a damp cotton swab.Apply the color directly evenly to the skin, in the direction of growth of the eyebrows.

Step 4

Wait for results

Leave on for 10 up to 20 minutes. For the "ombre look", leave the color on in the first quarter of the eyebrow shape, in relation to the total working time, max. 5-8 min.

Step 5

Take it off

Check the consistency of the applied paint: It should have almost formed a well-dried crust and crumble slightly when removed. Remove the well-dried color with the Brow Oil and a cotton pad. Then massage the Brow Oil in the area of the colored parts.

Facts & FAQs

  • Henna Powder, Sodium Percarbonate, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Tartaric Acid, Para Amino Phenol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Magnesium Carbonate ,Paraphenylene Diamine
  • Browhenna Oil – Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Raphanus Sativus Seed Extract, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract
Scope of delivery
  • Mini Kit: 1 x Brow Henna Sachet (Selectable: Blond, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black / 1 G), 1 x Brow Oil 10 ml, 1 x mixing bowl, 1 x eyelash brush, 1 x pipette, 1 x Measurement spoon, 1 x color brush
  • Maxi Kit: 1 x Fleeky Cleanser 50 ml, 5 x Browhenna Sachtst 1g, 1 x Brow Oil 10 ml, 1 x eyelash brush, 1 x pipette, 1 x mixing bowl, 1 x measuring spoon, 1 x color brush
What exactly is a Browhenna?

Browhenna is our vegan eyebrow color and the latest trend in the eyebrow world. Dyeing with henna not only colors the hairs, but also the skin - this leads to an even more intense result. With regular use, plucked eyebrows can be regenerated.

What is done during a Browhenna Treatment?

During the Browhenna treatment, the eyebrow hairs and the skin underneath are colored into shape. The color powder is mixed with warm water. Then the dried color is removed with Brow Oil.

How long does the Browhenna result last?

How long the Browhenna color lasts on the skin depends a little on the skin type. Generally, the drier the skin, the longer the color will last.

The color lasts up to 6 weeks on the hairs and up to 2 weeks on the skin.

How often can Browhenna be repeated?

The Browhenna Treatment can be repeated at any time once the tint wears off.

What is included in a kit?

Included in the Browhenna Kit:

  • 1 Cleanser to cleanse the eyebrows.
  • 4 fleeky Browhenna Sachets / Blonde / Light Brown / Medium Brown / Dark Brown
  • 1 Brow Oil
  • 4 eyelash brushes
  • 1 color brush
  • 1 measuring spoon
  • 1 mixing bowl
How many treatments are included in one kit?

There are 4 different colors in one Browhenna kit. 1 sachet contains approx. 4-5 treatments.

Can I dye my eyelashes with Browhenna?

No. The color powder is only suitable for eyebrows.

If you want to style your lashes, we have great Lash Tools, Magic Lashes or a whole Lashlift Kit for you.

What is the difference between classic eyebrow tinting and Browhenna?

At classic eyebrow tinting only the brows are colored, but very rarely the skin. With Browhenna, the skin is also dyed for a longer lasting result - vegan and water-based.

What colors are available?

The color powder comes in 5 different colors each: Blonde / Light Brown / Medium Brown / Dark Brown / Black.

You can also mix these colors. Adding Black or Dark Brown makes the colors more intense and accordingly longer lasting.

I have not used up the contents of the sachet. Can I use it again at a later date?

Yes, as long as the contents of the sachet are sealed airtight again.

Are there any products I need for the treatment that are not included in the kit?

Cotton pads & cotton swabs.

How long does the Treatment last?

The Browhenna Treatment takes about 20 minutes, depending on how intense you want your Browhenna eyebrows to be.

What are the steps for the Browhenna?

Step 1 - Clean eyebrows

Apply fleeky Brow Cleanser with cotton swab/cotton pad to the eyebrow area, spread well and massage in.

Step 2 - Mix Browhenna Color

Pour hot water into a small bowl with the pipette to about 0.25 g of fleeky Browhenna powder. Mix the selected Browhenna color with warm water to a uniform paste. The consistency should be fluid, but not runny on the eyebrows. Color that is mixed too thick may not dry well and may spoil the results.

Step 3 - Apply the color

  • Apply the mixed Browhenna color evenly to the entire eyebrow shape as well as directly to the skin (in the direction of eyebrow growth).
  • Take care to shape exact contours and make any corrections with a damp cotton swab.
  • Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.

Step 4 - Remove & maintain Browhenna

  • Always check that the color has dried thoroughly before removing. If the color should not have dried because it was mixed too thick, the result may not be visible. It is best to leave it on for 2-3 minutes longer.
  • For the "ombre look", leave the fleeky Browhenna color on in the first quarter of the eyebrow shape for a maximum of 5-8 minutes (always depending on the total exposure time).
  • Brush the dried color with the Brow Oil and remove with a cotton pad.
  • Massage the finished Brows well with the Brow Oil and et voilà: You've just conjured up beautiful brows with our Brow Henna Treatment.
Is the treatment painful?

No. The Browhenna Treatment is in no way painful, it is a gentle tint.

How safe is a Browhenna?

If you have reacted to conventional eyebrow color before, it is more likely that you will react to Browhenna as well. A patch test is recommended in this case. However, we cannot guarantee that a reaction can be ruled out afterwards.

What needs to be taken care of after a Browhenna treatment?

For the longest lasting result of your fleeky Browhenna: Omit the eyebrows during facial peeling, do not shower too hot and do not go into the sauna in the first days after a treatment. If your facial care products contain ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol or many lipids, you should leave out the eyebrows.

Do the eyebrows need special care after Browhenna?

After the Browhenna treatment, you can care for the eyebrows with Brow Oil.

Can I do the Browhenna during pregnancy?

There are no studies about it, therefore it is not possible to exclude if the Browhenna color is safer than the conventional brow color.

Who is Browhenna suitable for?

Anyone can wear Browhenna eyebrows as long as the eyebrow area is healthy and there are no allergies.

If I have reacted to conventional color, is Browhenna the one option?

It is more likely that you will react to Browhenna as well. In this case, we recommend a patch test to check for possible allergic reactions. However, we cannot guarantee that a reaction can be ruled out afterwards.

In case of an allergic reaction try our Brow Tint Kit in case of an allergic reaction. The Tint Kit guarantees you beautiful, monochromatic and full eyebrows. The color in the Tint Kit only colors the hairs.

Perfect with Browhenna Kit

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